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Chirp + Arm: Enabling Zero-Friction Provisioning and Connectivity with Data-Over-Sound Dan Jones, Chirp ; Adib Mehrabi, Chirp show more Description The proliferation of IoT devices brings an increasing need for seamless, zero-config connectivity and provisioning. The up-and-coming solution to this problem harnesses audio as a machine-to-machine networking medium. This session introduces data-over-sound as an attractive alternative to RF-based communications for a multitude of IoT use cases, from Wi-Fi device provisioning to payment transactions. We demonstrate how Chirp's Arm-optimized data-over-sound SDKs provide audio networking capabilities to pre-existing audio I/O hardware, without the need for RF chips. We will showcase real-world use cases and discuss the affordances and challenges that arise from using sound as a medium for transmission of data. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Dan Jones Chirp Adib Mehrabi Chirp Cloud-based Supervised Learning to Train a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) on a Cortex-M4F Laura Kassovic, MBIENTLAB INC show more Description Cloud-based, supervised learning to train a highly accurate, recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with raw IMU sensor data, and optimizing the pattern-matching algorithm to run directly on an Arm Cortex-M4F SoC with less than 512kB FLASH and 64kB RAM. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Laura Kassovic MBIENTLAB INC Do You Want to Create Secure IoT SoCs and Still Meet Your Deadline? Mike Eftimakis, Arm; Neil Parris, Arm show more Description IoT security requires many complex components and a complete understanding of the IoT ecosystem. It is a significant challenge, but there is a way to make development simpler and faster. Arm is introducing new IoT frameworks, bringing security to different IoT device classes. Arm’s System Design Kits and associated software give you a complete framework, enabling faster creation of IoT solutions. Featuring a modular approach with key components pre-integrated with security elements following the principles of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA), the hardware elements are complemented by reference firmware and software enabling an any-device to any-cloud strategy. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Mike Eftimakis Arm Neil Parris Arm Implementing a Bluetooth 5 Mesh Network Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, LLC. show more Description The Bluetooth specification is continuing to evolve with the release of Bluetooth 5 and a new mesh networking model. Bluetooth is traditionally a short-range communications path. However, Bluetooth mesh is promising to change that. In this session, we will highlight the Bluetooth mesh technology, its applications, and show how it might solve some of the problems that have plagued Bluetooth in the past. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Michael Anderson The PTR Group, LLC. IoT Connectivity Must Scale & Accelerate Globally – Here's How Nigel Chadwick, Arm (formerly Stream Technologies) show more Description Modern IoT frameworks require a scalable, cost-effective connectivity management service. In this talk, we will discuss how to easily manage the connectivity of IoT devices, regardless of network type, and deliver ongoing connectivity management over a device’s entire lifecycle. In particular, MNOs and Enterprise/OEM clients have a variety of requirements for all their IoT connected devices, including subscriber management & analytics, billing, data routing and reporting capabilities.” Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Nigel Chadwick Arm (formerly Stream Technologies) Post-K: The Next Generation Arm-based Japanese Flagship Supercomputer Satoshi Matsuoka, Riken Center for Computational Science show more Description Post-K is the next generation Japanese flagship supercomputer, to be built around 2020, being jointly developed by Riken and Fujitsu. The processor is a many-core Arm v8 processor that Fujitsu developed on its own, facilitating 512-bit SVE (Scalable Vector Extension) instructions with support for both HPC and AI, ultra-fast on package memory, very low-power, and embedded high-performance Tofu network that will scale to 100,000 nodes. The projected performance of the processor for HPC workloads supersedes the high-end Xeons by several factors, as well as exhibiting GPU-like performance on AI workloads. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Satoshi Matsuoka Riken Center for Computational Science Pre-packaged IOT Solutions Kevin Bromber, myDevices Inc. show more Description In this track we will demonstrate a complete end-to-end IOT solution which combines gateways from several hardware manufacturers, a variety of industrial sensors, Arm mbed Cloud device management software, LoRaWAN Network server, and the IOT in a Box application software from myDevices. The presentation will be a combination of slides to explain the architecture of the platform, followed by a live demonstration of a real IOT solution being deployed in minutes in front of the audience. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Kevin Bromber myDevices Inc. Sensor to Cloud on Arm with Open Source Software Alan Bennett, show more Description At Open Source Foundries, we have researched and identified the best software projects in open source for building a connected IoT platform. With these projects and Arm-based devices, we have built an entire end-to-end (device to cloud) system that is secure, minimal, and updatable. From the RTOS (Cortex-M) running on a sensor through a Linux-based IoT gateway (Cortex-M) and into the cloud, the system runs open source software on Arm with no vendor lock-in. In this session, we’ll introduce you to every component so that you can replicate and build secure, connected Arm-based products. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Alan Bennett Specifying and Certifying Hardware Suitable for Secure, Arm-based IoT Applications David Alexander, PA Consulting; Haydn Povey, Secure Thingz show more Description While the Platform Security Architecture from Arm is helpful in providing a framework to drive security within the system, numerous other requirements should be met to deliver a secure application. In fact, every decision in the development, deployment, and delivery of a project may have unforeseen consequences during a product’s life cycle. This presentation will discuss the features and functions of devices that are required to implement a secure application, including the need to generate, store, and maintain cryptographic keys; the level of entropy required on a device; the physical robustness guarding secrets; and secure operations and network operations centers. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers David Alexander PA Consulting Haydn Povey Secure Thingz Why the Future of IOT Is Blockchain Integrated Sajjad Daya, show more Description In this session we will look at blockchain technology and how it complements the IOT movement, helps fulfill IOT’s mission, and augments its power and capabilities. We will build an Arm mbed IOT live device on stage with simple building blocks, integrate it with a revolutionary blockchain network, and demonstrate a powerful use case – all CODELESSLY. Join us for this fun and interactive session. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Sajjad Daya
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