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5G System Design: Challenges and Solutions Kinjal Dave, Arm ; Ray Hwang, Arm show more Description The emerging 5G cellular systems raise unprecedented challenges to support a portfolio of different use cases and service types. In this talk, we will provide an overview of 5G technology requirements, the key use cases envisioned for 5G, the system design challenges, including conflicting performance and efficiency requirements. We will also highlight possible solutions to meeting some of the design challenges posed by future 5G modem designs. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Kinjal Dave Arm Ray Hwang Arm A Balanced Approach to Inference Implementation at the Edge Markus Levy, NXP Semiconductors show more Description The IoT led to an explosion of data. Though it was once thought the cloud would handle this data, the industry soon realized this was impractical. As a result, machine learning on the edge has increased in popularity and usefulness. One of the most fascinating things about machine learning, or edge computing, is that it can be accomplished on a wide range of device categories, from MCUs with Arm Cortex-M4 and M7 cores to complex SoCs with high-end A-class cores, GPUs, and ML accelerators. This presentation describes the cost and performance tradeoffs for these device categories, using Vision, Voice, and Vibration as examples. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Markus Levy NXP Semiconductors A Developer's Guide to Security on Cortex-M-based MCUs Kobus Marneweck, Arm show more Description Modern embedded processors have a range of different security features, for example, the Arm Cortex-M processor series supports memory protection, TrustZone, and physical protection. Choosing the right security technology can be critical for many applications and this presentation will provide an in-depth explanation of each of these technologies, and the factors that need to be considered when choosing the right security approach. This talk will also cover the other key differences in Cortex-M processors and what software changes developers need to be aware of when migrating projects to the latest Armv8-M processors. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Kobus Marneweck Arm A Guide to Securing Your IoT Device for TrustZone Using Armv8-M Kobus Marneweck, Arm; Jacob Beningo, Beningo Embedded Group show more Description Securing embedded systems has become a critical task for developers as more devices become connected and upgradable over the Internet. In this session, attendees will become familiar with the design methodologies necessary to secure their embedded systems using the new Arm® TrustZone® for Cortex®-M processors. We will examine important concepts, such as Secure and Non-secure domains, setting up a TrustZone RTOS and debugging a secure application. This interactive session will provide a hands-on demonstration of the newly released Microchip SAM L11, a Cortex-M23 based chip with TrustZone. We will use Arm Keil MDK to demonstrate how to get TrustZone up and running on both hardware, and also in simulation, using a virtual processor. Topics covered in this session include: – Introduction to TrustZone – Defining the Secure and Non-secure world – Example use cases to secure an application with TrustZone – Implementing an RTOS in the TrustZone environment – How to debug a TrustZone-based application – Best practices for securing an embedded system – Recommendations for next steps Session Type Sponsored Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Kobus Marneweck Arm Jacob Beningo Beningo Embedded Group A More Secure IoT: Fact or Fake News? Ed Sperling, SemiEngineering; Anthony Ambrose, Data I/O Corporation; Haydn Povey, Secure Thingz; Andrew Frame, Arm show more Description In the past year, Arm rolled out its Platform Security Architecture program and has introduced targeted security solutions, such as the Arm Cortex-M35P processor and Arm Musca-A1 test chip board. Multiple stakeholders including silicon vendors, OEMs, and software developers are collaborating to align a fragmented supply chain. But is the IoT more secure today than one year ago? Has the industry actually moved the needle when it comes to more secure IoT? This panel pulls together a range of perspectives to consider the progress made around IoT security and discuss possible areas that Arm and its ecosystem still could address. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Ed Sperling SemiEngineering Anthony Ambrose Data I/O Corporation Haydn Povey Secure Thingz Andrew Frame Arm Achieving Mutual Authentication with Arm Mbed TLS and a Resourced Constrained BLE Microcontroller Donnie Garcia, NXP Semiconductor show more Description To mutually authenticate two devices is a complex undertaking. The developer must understand the cryptography involved and how to establish a public key infrastructure. Thankfully, Arm Mbed TLS has all of the functionality to create and process a chain of certificates that establishes a trusted relationship between a transmitter and a receiver. This session will detail the process of creating a custom certificate, the base messages needed and the mbed TLS APIs used in devices, who authenticate based on a public key infrastructure. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Donnie Garcia NXP Semiconductor Advancing IoT Communication Security with TLS and DTLS v1.3 Hannes Tschofenig, Arm Limited show more Description Missing communication security is a common vulnerability in Internet of Things deployments. Addressing this vulnerability is, in theory, relatively easy: with TLS and DTLS, two widely used security protocols are available. They are used to secure web and smart phone apps. In this talk I will explain how the TLS/DTLS 1.3 protocols work and how they differ from previous versions. I will also talk about the performance improvements and how they help in IoT deployments. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Hannes Tschofenig Arm Limited Analyzing Machine Learning Inference with Arm Performance Tools Stephen Barton, Arm show more Description Machine learning workloads can be complex for performance analysis and tuning, especially when the workload utilizes a mix of CPU, GPU and dedicated accelerators within the same system. In this talk, we will describe the performance analysis challenges faced by the different classes of ML users, and show how Arm has extended its performance analysis tools with a deep understanding of the ArmNN framework and ML processor. These new capabilities make it possible to right-size your machine learning algorithms for the chosen hardware platform, or to verify that a platform’s hardware capabilities are being exploited to the fullest extent possible. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Stephen Barton Arm Arm, Community and Cloud: Enabling ASICs for IoT Michael Wishart, efabless corporation; Mohamed Kassem, efabless corporation; Mark Woods, Arm Inc. show more Description The emerging world of massively connected devices will be accelerated by advances in complex, mixed-signal integration through customized ASICs. Making these ASIC solutions broadly available and cost-effective, however, will require new approaches that use cloud-based collaborative development platforms and community business models. This talk will show how through secure, cloud-based platforms, all the resources and processes required to design ASICs and IP are offered in one place, enabling a worldwide network of developers and customers to collaborate, model, and verify custom SoCs. When custom SoC creation becomes less risky and more cost-effective, innovation is unleashed. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Michael Wishart efabless corporation Mohamed Kassem efabless corporation Mark Woods Arm Inc. Arm-Synopsys Collaboration to Enable Edge-to-Cloud Computing Rahul Deokar, Synopsys; David Koenen, Network SoC IP / Arm show more Description Arm and Synopsys are collaborating to enable rapid SoC innovation from hyperscale data centers and HPC all the way out to the network and provider edge. These all demand high-performance, efficient, scalable, heterogenous compute solutions. Learn how Arm Cortex-A processors, Arm CoreLink Coherent Mesh Network and System Guidance for Infrastructure (SGI), provide a scalable, energy-efficient solution and, in combination with Synopsys’s solutions (Design Platform with Fusion Technology, QuickStart Implementation Kits (QIKs), Verification Continuum Platform, and DesignWare Interface IP), enable designers to speed creation of their infrastructure products from power-constrained to peak performance on a common software platform. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Rahul Deokar Synopsys David Koenen Network SoC IP / Arm Automated Identification of Embedded Physical Memories Using Shared Test Bus Access in IP Cores Rob Knoth, Cadence Design Systems; Teresa McLaurin, Arm show more Description Automotive, safety critical, and complex SoCs, with growing memory content, demand the use of memory built-in self test (MBIST). The manual process of binding the physical memory modules to the MBIST interfaces can be very complex and error prone. Arm and Cadence present an automated methodology that reduces the chance of field failure and ensures proper testing of the memories. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Rob Knoth Cadence Design Systems Teresa McLaurin Arm Autonomous Vehicle Security: What Are the Design Concerns and Attack Vectors? Lonnie Harrell, Arm; Antonio Russo, Arm show more Description The automotive industry is experiencing a revolution with the progression from connected to autonomous cars. These advanced systems bring increasing demands on compute performance, safety, and the highest levels of cybersecurity to more areas of the vehicle. Delivering these increasingly complex systems requires a range of capabilities in the IP. Crucial knowledge of system vulnerabilities as well as how they can be and have been exploited is paramount to secure development. Imperative market data analyzing cybersecurity, microcontroller, processor and system requirements, and merging trends drive the evolution of cybersecurity within SoCs. This session will cover topics surrounding these vital industry concerns. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Lonnie Harrell Arm Antonio Russo Arm Better Together: Integrated Technology Solutions Peter Greenhalgh, Arm show more Description The need to deal with ever more complex technology asks has meant the traditional co-operation existing across the boundaries of technology and products within Arm has had to evolve to a new level of sophistication. As a result, we are now creating the structures, opportunities and capabilities to build products that deal with challenges in a much more multi-dimensional way. It is allowing us to advance from a product-focused design ethos to one focused on building system solutions. As Arm's VP of Technology Peter Greenhalgh will explain, this “Better Together" approach will position us and our partners to deal more easily and robustly with the major challenges we face in areas such as security, performance and efficiency. It will also allow for more holistic thinking in how we design solutions that incorporate an array of IP; from computer vision and machine learning, CPUs, GPUs, VPUs and DPUs, interconnect, system-IP and compiler technology. By raising our thinking even higher at the system level, Arm will bring even greater balance and problem-solving abilities to the ecosystem. Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Peter Greenhalgh Arm Bigger Data Centers Aren't the Answer to Future Data Demands Drew Henry, Arm show more Description The infrastructure supporting the world’s internet is undergoing a seismic shift. The disruptive power of the “Big 7” Hyperscalers, including Amazon, Google, Facebook and Alibaba, is being felt as they boost capacity and become the largest purchasers and providers of compute, storage and networking solutions on the planet. Their goal: to support more cost-efficient business models as their customers create new cloud-based products or move away from self-hosted enterprise data centers. Supporting this shift, telco operators are racing to build 5G networks to deal with the massive demands in latency, bandwidth and connections coming. And emerging now is Arm and its ecosystem; enabling a disruptive change to the infrastructure to satisfy the additional needs of a trillion intelligent devices that will drive the digital revolution. Hear from Drew Henry about Arm’s vision and what it will take to make it real. Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Drew Henry Arm Bringing the Benefits of Cortex-M Processors to FPGA Simon George, Xilinx; Michele Riga, Arm show more Description FPGAs enable custom solutions to be created quickly and with a minimal amount of engineering effort. What if you could combine the flexibility of an FPGA with the processing and software ecosystem advantages of a Cortex-M processor? This joint Xilinx and Arm technical presentation will explore how to use Cortex-M processors in Xilinx-based FPGAs, providing guidance on all of the key steps in building a successful FPGA solution: integration, verification, synthesis, and software development, leveraging the large Arm-based software development ecosystem. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Simon George Xilinx Michele Riga Arm Building Dynamic Robots Marc Raibert, Boston Dynamics show more Description Dynamics opens a world of opportunity for robotics.  Robots that move dynamically can go where other robots can't go, handle larger payloads with smaller footprint and smaller robot mass, and move faster to get work done more quickly.  This talk will give a status report on Boston Dynamics' work in this area, both its long-term effort to develop robots of the future and shorter-term efforts to build products that capitalize on existing robot capability. Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Marc Raibert Boston Dynamics Building Edge Applications on Microcontrollers Cheng-Fu Tan, Arm show more Description Many have believed that machine learning was computationally infeasible on microcontrollers (MCUs). Recent works in algorithm and software engineering have reduced the computational requirement for deep learning significantly. This enables deep learning models to be deployed on affordable and simple systems, the MCUs. Intelligence on the edge will allow us to build smarter devices and serve new applications. In this talk, we will look at how to train a simple model in Tensorflow, then use uTensor and CMSIS-NN to deploy it on Mbed. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Cheng-Fu Tan Arm Building future automotive SoCs from Arm IP Tom Conway, Arm show more Description The automotive industry is undergoing a period of intense change and innovation. Arm IP is already at the heart of many SoCs within the automotive market. Arm is increasing our investment in automotive, to deliver more to our partners across ADAS / Autonomous, IVI / Cockpit, Powertrain, and Body. Come along to hear more about the various features, safety capabilities and specific products across our portfolio (CPU, ML, GPU, ISP, System IP, etc) to help with your next SoC for Automotive and how our products can help you develop innovative new products in this exciting market. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Tom Conway Arm CCIX: Seamless Data Movement for Accelerated Applications Jon Masters; Milind Matel, Xilinx; Jeff Defilippi, Arm show more Description During Arm TechCon 2017, members of the CCIX consortium provided an introduction to the chip-to-chip interconnect architecture, which was created to solve the performance and efficiency challenges of emerging acceleration applications, such as machine learning, network processing, storage/memory expansion, and analytics that combine processing and acceleration. At this year’s talk, CCIX members will not only focus the advancements to the hardware and software architecture. This talk will also detail the use cases that benefit from the cache coherent, shared virtual memory paradigm and seamless data movement between processors and accelerators, including FPGAs, GPUs, network/storage adapters, intelligent networks, and custom ASICs. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jon Masters Milind Matel Xilinx Jeff Defilippi Arm Chirp + Arm: Enabling Zero-Friction Provisioning and Connectivity with Data-Over-Sound Dan Jones, Chirp ; Adib Mehrabi, Chirp show more Description The proliferation of IoT devices brings an increasing need for seamless, zero-config connectivity and provisioning. The up-and-coming solution to this problem harnesses audio as a machine-to-machine networking medium. This session introduces data-over-sound as an attractive alternative to RF-based communications for a multitude of IoT use cases, from Wi-Fi device provisioning to payment transactions. We demonstrate how Chirp's Arm-optimized data-over-sound SDKs provide audio networking capabilities to pre-existing audio I/O hardware, without the need for RF chips. We will showcase real-world use cases and discuss the affordances and challenges that arise from using sound as a medium for transmission of data. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Dan Jones Chirp Adib Mehrabi Chirp Cloud-based Supervised Learning to Train a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) on a Cortex-M4F Laura Kassovic, MBIENTLAB INC show more Description Cloud-based, supervised learning to train a highly accurate, recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with raw IMU sensor data, and optimizing the pattern-matching algorithm to run directly on an Arm Cortex-M4F SoC with less than 512kB FLASH and 64kB RAM. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Laura Kassovic MBIENTLAB INC Collaborating to Deliver a Trillion Device World Marcelo Claure, SoftBank Group Corp. show more Description Marcelo Claure is chief operating officer of SoftBank Group Corp. and chief executive officer of SoftBank International, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, and is a member of the SoftBank board of directors. He is also executive chairman of the board of Sprint Corporation where he most recently was Sprint’s CEO. In addition, Marcelo serves on the board of Arm, a leading global chip technology developer. He is chairman of CTIA, a national trade association representing the wireless communications industry in the United States, and is also chairman of Miami Beckham United, Miami’s major league soccer franchise. Marcelo was selected by SoftBank’s founder and CEO, Masayoshi Son to ensure that SoftBank’s global portfolio group companies and investments are meeting their financial and operating objectives. He is also responsible for managing group synergies and transformations.  Marcelo manages some of SoftBank Group’s strategic corporate functions including global government affairs.  Mr. Claure is also responsible for SoftBank’s ongoing investment in Sprint.  Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Marcelo Claure SoftBank Group Corp. Computer Vision at the Edge and in the Cloud: Understanding the Tradeoffs Jeff Bier, Embedded Vision Alliance show more Description Computer vision is rapidly becoming ubiquitous. From devices that prevent automobile accidents, to smart cameras that measure the flow of customers in stores, as well as home assistants that monitor the health of elders, vision is showing up everywhere. A key architectural choice underlies this ubiquity: should vision processing be done at the edge, in the cloud, or a combination of the two? In this presentation, Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance, will discuss the benefits and trade-offs of edge, cloud, and hybrid approaches, and when you should consider each option. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jeff Bier Embedded Vision Alliance Data Is Everything Dipesh Patel, Arm show more Description The efficiency, visibility and foresight enabled by IoT will unleash $11T in economic value. But before businesses can harness the power of data, they must first get access to it. Deploying IoT on an industrial scale is a huge task, and to get to the valuable data streams businesses want, they are faced with massive technical challenges. What is required to accelerate IoT advancement and how can businesses maximize the value of data? Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Dipesh Patel Arm Delivering future automotive systems Robert Day, Arm show more Description Vehicles are undergoing an intense, rapid period of innovation, much of it is enabled by Arm based processing power. The complexity and functionality of electronic systems is rapidly increasing with massive growth in software content, all required to power the next generation of connected, autonomous, electric vehicles. This panel will bring automotive industry experts together to discuss how to deliver these future automotive systems, looking at different enabling technologies and other industry trends and requirements. Topics include : safety, security, ubiquitous connectivity, power and performance for higher levels of autonomous compute processing, and new trends in cabin and driver experiences. Session Type Sponsored Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Robert Day Arm Designing & Benchmarking Best-in-class Real-Time SoCs for Autonomous Vehicles Paul Black, Arm; Eric Sondhi, Arm show more Description SoCs for autonomous vehicles demand advanced safety features alongside efficient and responsive execution. Arm IP, like the Cortex-R52, is designed from the ground up to address functional safety in systems that must deliver high performance, optimize power efficiency, and comply with the most stringent safety standards in the automotive and industrial markets. Arm's modeling solution and the FuSa-certified Arm Compiler 6 allow Partners to start their SoC architecture and benchmarking early, validating system functionality and performance. Pre-silicon performance analysis of hardware and compiler-optimized code and continuous integration enables partners with the fastest route to FuSa certification and the automotive market. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Paul Black Arm Eric Sondhi Arm Designing Intelligent Systems Using Resource Constrained Edge Devices Jacob Beningo, Beningo Embedded Group show more Description Traditional embedded software engineers often think that machine learning and intelligent systems are outside the realm of microcontroller-based systems and, therefore, outside their realm of expertise. Advances in microcontroller technology have made designing intelligent systems using these resource-constrained devices a reality. In this session, we will examine the tools and capabilities that are available to microcontroller designers to start using machine learning and adding a new level of intelligence to their devices. Developers will walk away understanding that machine learning and AI are not just for big data and the cloud. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jacob Beningo Beningo Embedded Group Do You Want to Create Secure IoT SoCs and Still Meet Your Deadline? Mike Eftimakis, Arm; Neil Parris, Arm show more Description IoT security requires many complex components and a complete understanding of the IoT ecosystem. It is a significant challenge, but there is a way to make development simpler and faster. Arm is introducing new IoT frameworks, bringing security to different IoT device classes. Arm’s System Design Kits and associated software give you a complete framework, enabling faster creation of IoT solutions. Featuring a modular approach with key components pre-integrated with security elements following the principles of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA), the hardware elements are complemented by reference firmware and software enabling an any-device to any-cloud strategy. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Mike Eftimakis Arm Neil Parris Arm Enabling Augmented Reality with SLAM Sylwester Bala, Arm Ltd. show more Description Recent advances in AR and VR have led to some exciting developments in use cases and applications based on Arm technology. In particular Augmented Reality enables a wide range of new use cases and new businesses opportunities in the mobile segment. In this session you will learn about the key Arm based technologies and solutions for Augmented Reality using SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) as a case study. SLAM is the basis for use cases that range from tracking camera pose in mobile AR and VR to more complex high-level understanding of the real world seen through a camera. It is in the heart of AR headsets, AR smartphones and solutions for self-driving cars, unmanned drones, planetary rovers and a lot more other use cases. You will learn about the importance and challenges associated with the technology on current and future platforms. An insight on the system pipeline and what to take into consideration while building AR and VR solutions to achieve best in class end user experience. Session Type Sponsored Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Sylwester Bala Arm Ltd. Enabling Real-time Machine Vision and Deep Learning on Small Devices Laurent Itti, JeVois Inc show more Description The next generation of consumer devices will require more natural interfaces, stronger situation awareness, and better perceptual capabilities, both to inform users and to interact with them. Computer vision and deep learning are crucial enablers, yet they have remained difficult to implement on embedded systems. I will survey machine vision and deep learning frameworks and technologies available for deployment today, and demonstrate real-time implementations on $5 Arm Cortex-A7 processors of algorithms ranging from barcode reading, to face recognition, and object recognition using deep neural networks. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Laurent Itti JeVois Inc Ensuring Silicon-to-Cloud Security for Your Medical Device Kaushal Vora, Renesas Electronics America Inc. ; Mark Schaeffer, Renesas show more Description While medical devices have always been designed with safety and quality in mind, today’s design emphasis is centered around connected, software-driven medical device security. Security not only impacts safety and quality but also ensures compliance, revenue/IP, and brand protection. In this session, we will discuss a platform approach to security on an Arm-based microcontroller. Here, security starts with securing your firmware, critical data, and keys in the hardware, forming your root-of-trust. We will then discuss how security and trust are extended to your cloud. We also review how designing for security impacts operations, budgets, planning, and insurance/compliance requirements. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Kaushal Vora Renesas Electronics America Inc. Mark Schaeffer Renesas Functional Safety – Where Are We Going and How Do We Get There? Harry Foster , Mentor, A Siemens Business show more Description Everything from cars to factories to the world around us is more intelligent and automated, and the decision-making is shifting from humans to machines. Semiconductors are at the center of this innovation.The concept of functional safety is not new, but with the move to autonomous driving, functional safety is in the spotlight for IC development. There is no debate around the importance of functional safety to drive down failures resulting from malfunctioning electronics. However, applying functional safety, with standards like ISO 26262, to complex supercomputers raises questions on how to get “there” – and what does “there” look like? Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Harry Foster Mentor, A Siemens Business Hack-proofing Your C/C++ Code Greg Davis, Green Hills Software show more Description While 85% of embedded designs use C and C++, these languages are notorious for allowing unsafe code practices that give hackers a way to attack. This talk shows exactly how to keep your Internet-connected product safe by writing your code properly the first time. Well-proven tools and techniques can be used to augment any software-design paradigm, and to effectively hack-proof your code. Techniques include coding conventions, automatic run-time error checking, manual compile-time and run-time assertions, static analysis, and the most common mistakes to avoid. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Greg Davis Green Hills Software Heavyweight Security for a Lightweight, Low-power World Mike Mackey, CENTRI Technology show more Description Everything starts and ends with your data, and taking personal responsibility for its protection is now critical across the industry. Whether you're an expert developing IoT solutions, sensors, or smart devices, you already know implementing IoT security is difficult for resource-constrained embedded environments. Ensuring the data is protected at the first mile, last mile, and every mile between presents a challenge for the true edge across multiple communication protocols. In this session we will look at some of the key challenges involved in securing your IoT data from creation to consumption. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Mike Mackey CENTRI Technology High Performance Smart Lidar Design based on Arm Aravind Ratnam, AEye show more Description First generation sensor technologies for autonomous driving featured silo’d sensors, rigid asymmetrical data collection methods, and post-processing lead to over and under-sampling of information and latency. AEye’s iDAR is a novel approach to Lidar design optimizing data collection, enabling it to transfer less data, of higher quality and relevance, for rapid perception and path-planning. The result is a design that can target and identify objects within a scene 10-20x more effectively than LiDAR-only products, delivering higher accuracy, longer range, and more intelligent information to optimize path planning software, enabling radically improved autonomous vehicle safety and performance at a reduced cost. This design is software definable and extensible, adding three feedback loops that do not exist today: one at the sensor layer, one at the perception layer, and another with path planning software. By enabling customizable data collection in real-time, the system is able to adapt to the environment and dynamically change performance based on the customer’s/host’s applications and needs. In addition, it can emulate legacy systems, define regions of interest, focus on threat detection, and/or be programmed for variable environments, such as highway or city driving. This new form of intelligent data collection enables radically improved autonomous vehicles safety and performance, at a reduced cost. The speaker will discuss how model ARM based architectures were utilized to deliver the above design with SOC functionality that met the requirements of clockspeed performance, safe and fault tolerant design, security and update/ rollback mechanisms. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Aravind Ratnam AEye How Do I Select IP to Use for My Machine Learning System?  Helena Zheng, Arm show more Description Machine learning (ML) processing requirements vary significantly according to the network and workload; there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Examining use cases, workloads, and performance data from real networks, this talk will give examples to help you choose the right Project Trillium IP from Arm for your application. Examples will include MCUs for cost- and power-constrained embedded IoT systems through CPUs for moderate performance with general-purpose programmability. Other examples include GPUs for faster performance with graphics-intensive applications to NPUs, such as with the Arm ML processor, for intensive ML processing, giving the highest available performance and efficiency.    Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Helena Zheng Arm How Security Provisioning Considerations Affect Your Armv8-Mbased Firmware Design Process Rajeev Gulati, Data I/O Corporation; Steve Pancoast , Secure Thingz show more Description Designing a secure device based on an Armv8-M core is one thing. Designing a secure device that can easily be provisioned in high volume is quite another. The latter requires a modern workflow which integrates security into all phases of a product’s life. With a cost-effective and scalable security provisioning methodology, these IoT devices may be produced securely anywhere in the world. Too often there is a gap between the design and manufacturing process, impacting time-to-market and quality. The modern workflow closes the gap between design and production. This session looks at best practices for designing and provisioning trusted devices. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Rajeev Gulati Data I/O Corporation Steve Pancoast Secure Thingz How to Reduce the Integration Effort for an Industrial SoC Design Pete Lewin, Arm; Vojislav Krvavac, HDL Design House show more Description When developing any SoC, making sure that all the components are compatible and properly connected is one of the major tasks. Whether you use third-party IPs or develop your own, integration effort can be significant. HDL have been using the Arm System Design Kits to drastically shorten the integration process, thanks to a reliable frame, which you can use to build your SoC. The goal of this presentation is to show the practical benefits of using the Arm System Design Kit, greatly reducing design, verification, and software development efforts when developing an SoC for industrial application. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Pete Lewin Arm Vojislav Krvavac HDL Design House How We Get There From Here: A Roadmap to Scaling IoT to A Trillion Devices Greg Yeric, Arm; Dr. Rob Aitken, Arm; Ian Bratt, Arm show more Description The IoT will reach a trillion connected devices in less than 20 years. Already, the dash to get there is upending business models, traditional notions of design and triggering vast new innovations in hardware and software. But these are early days. Much more needs to happen–from ecosystem development and refinement to hardware and software and services advances–to reach a trillion devices. What’s it going to require and are we, as an industry, in a position to deliver on time? Join Arm's trillion device trio: Greg Yeric (Research Fellow), Rob Aitken (Director of Technology) and Ian Bratt (Director of Machine Learning) as they offer thoughts on how the future we think about can become real. Session Type Arm TechCon Theater Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Greg Yeric Arm Dr. Rob Aitken Arm Ian Bratt Arm Implementing a Bluetooth 5 Mesh Network Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, LLC. show more Description The Bluetooth specification is continuing to evolve with the release of Bluetooth 5 and a new mesh networking model. Bluetooth is traditionally a short-range communications path. However, Bluetooth mesh is promising to change that. In this session, we will highlight the Bluetooth mesh technology, its applications, and show how it might solve some of the problems that have plagued Bluetooth in the past. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Michael Anderson The PTR Group, LLC. Implementing Digital Filters on Arm Cortex-M Processors Charles Lord, Blue Ridge Advanced Design show more Description The Arm Cortex-M is a popular choice for many sensor and control functions in the Internet of Things, robotics, and other applications. In many cases, we need to do some filtering or signal processing in these implementations, and we may end up coding some digital filtering using the CMSIS-DSP library. But how well do these filters work for many applications? We will build and test some filters for some representative applications and look at the effectiveness of the code in both filter function and code overhead within the main application. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Charles Lord Blue Ridge Advanced Design Improving Memory on the Edge Using Octal Serial Flash Cache Jim Bruister, Silvaco show more Description With intelligence and data processing moving to the edge, the demand for local program memory is exploding. So how do you increase the program memory on a device without significantly increasing cost and power or by limiting performance? This presentation from Silvaco, Arm, and Adesto will explore and compare the options available to developers, and will look at whether technologies, such as Execute in Place and Flash Cache, can be used to solve this problem. The technical presentation will provide real-world comparison data and make recommendations so that developers can build products that meet the demands of tomorrow’s intelligent devices. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jim Bruister Silvaco Intensive Image Processing on Arm (When ISP fails!) Pannaga Bhushan Reddy Patel, Samsung RnD Institute, Bangalore; Rahul Sharma, Samsung RnD India, Bangalore show more Description The innovative arrangement pixels in tetracell sensors to allow enhanced light sensitivity in low-light conditions, and the data thence gathered do not lend themselves for further processing by the platform’s Image Signal Process (ISP) that expect data in Bayer format. This means that all the image enhancement algorithms, acting upon this non-standard format, have to be processed on the CPU and/or other processing elements available on the platform. Processing of big-image buffers with algorithms doing intensive processing, within a latency acceptable for successful commercial solution, is the subject of the proposal. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Pannaga Bhushan Reddy Patel Samsung RnD Institute, Bangalore Rahul Sharma Samsung RnD India, Bangalore Introduction to Arm Chris Shore, Arm show more Description If you are new to Arm or a first-time TechCon visitor, here is the place to start. Chris will give an informative overview of who Arm is and what they do, what products are available, and what applications they are suitable for, as well as how to find devices, services and tools. With lots of pointers to what to look out for in the conference and on the show floor, this is the ideal session to help you get the best out of your time at TechCon. Session Type Arm TechCon Theater Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Chris Shore Arm IoT and Silicon Security: Dissecting a Real-life IoT Attack Chowdary Yanamadaa, Arm show more Description Billions of IoT devices are expected to densely populate our cities, homes, offices, and factories. Many of use cases will involve value data and physical proximity – ripe for silicon attacks. IoT attack mitigation has been broadly focused around software counter measures; however, the barrier for physical attacks is increasingly being lowered and silicon security urgently needs protecting. If IoT designers fail to protect all relevant attack vectors, significant data is at risk. In this talk, we will analyze a real-life attack, reviewing the flaws, providing a systematic approach to security and demonstrating how you can now mitigate against silicon vulnerabilities. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Chowdary Yanamadaa Arm IoT Connectivity Must Scale & Accelerate Globally – Here's How Nigel Chadwick, Arm (formerly Stream Technologies) show more Description Modern IoT frameworks require a scalable, cost-effective connectivity management service. In this talk, we will discuss how to easily manage the connectivity of IoT devices, regardless of network type, and deliver ongoing connectivity management over a device’s entire lifecycle. In particular, MNOs and Enterprise/OEM clients have a variety of requirements for all their IoT connected devices, including subscriber management & analytics, billing, data routing and reporting capabilities.” Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Nigel Chadwick Arm (formerly Stream Technologies) Low Power Neural Networks on Cortex-M7 CPUs Using the OpenMV Cam H7 Kwabena Agyeman, OpenMV, LLC show more Description In March 2018, Arm released the Arm CMSIS NN library which lets you run neural networks trained with desktop tools like Caffe and TensorFlow on low power Cortex-M7 microcontrollers for edge device IoT computing. With the OpenMV Cam H7 powered by a 400 MHz Cortex-M7 STM32H743VIT6 chip, we demonstrate how to turn desktop NNs into binary files that can be dynamically loaded and run on images. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Kwabena Agyeman OpenMV, LLC Measuring the Performance and Energy Cost of Cryptography in IoT Devices Hannes Tschofenig, Arm Limited; Peter Torelli, EEMBC show more Description Communication security technologies, like Transport Layer Security (TLS), are readily available for developers to use to protect their IoT systems. Still, developers are reluctant to use state-of-the-art security technologies due to the impact on performance, code size and RAM, and energy. What is the impact of encryption algorithms, hash functions, and public key cryptosystems, on a specific microcontroller? In this talk I will introduce a new security benchmark developed by EEMBC that will allow silicon manufacturers and developers to analyze and select the appropriate microcontroller. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Hannes Tschofenig Arm Limited Peter Torelli EEMBC Methods for Provisioning Security Features in an M33-based MCU Using a Physically Unclonable Function Rob Cosaro, NXP show more Description Security is becoming an important part of all devices connected to the Internet, but along with security comes the complication of provisioning the microcontroller with secret keys. In this session, we’ll discuss the traditional methods of injecting secret keys into OTP, but one of the most interesting part of this presentation is the introduction of a new type of key storage called physically unclonable function, or PUF, and what this brings to security. With PUF, the microcontroller contains the key without having to inject a secret key. This opens up different options that make provisioning easier and more secure. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Rob Cosaro NXP Minimize Development Time of Systems Using Non-Volatile Memory Samriti Sood, Arm show more Description It is well recognized that industry demand for global-embedded, non-volatile memory (eNVM) is set to be boosted by IoT applications. However, eNVM integration is a painful process for SoC designers, as they need to modify memory controllers and interface for different foundry and process technologies. To solve this problem, Arm has developed AMBA Generic Flash Bus interface standard (GFB) in collaboration with its partners. In order to focus on design innovation and not on hacking another memory controller, join this talk to learn how GFB can enable you to save development time, innovate more, and improve reusability. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Samriti Sood Arm Mocana & Arm: Accelerated & Secure Solution Development Srinivas Kumar, Mocana Corporation show more Description Arm TrustZone Platform Security Architecture (PSA) and Mocana TrustCenter and TrustPoint offer a hardened and integration-ready system for compliance with ISO 26262, IEC 62443, NIST 800- 63-3, and IIC Endpoint Security Best Practices. Together, the firmware TPM (fTPM), hardware-based acceleration, firmware isolation levels, and the Trust Abstraction Platform provide APIs for accelerated solution development on Arm-based devices. This joint Mocana/Arm case study will discuss the above framework and how it overcomes the shortcomings of fTPM implementations from the past. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Srinivas Kumar Mocana Corporation Moving Faster Simon Segars, Arm show more Description How do we make the future happen faster? Pervasive computing is leading to a world of IoT and AI that promises to transform every aspect of life in ways we have never seen before. To deliver on that promise requires innovation at a scale and speed that no industry has ever faced. How do we accelerate development and overcome the challenges of complexity, scale and security to deliver world-changing innovations? Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Simon Segars Arm Optimized Edge Cloud Use Case with Arm-based uCPE Raanan Tzemach, Telco Systems show more Description Universal CPE (uCPE) is one of the first commercial edge computing use cases. A key challenge is effective deployment of multiple VNFs on a power-efficient device. We will discuss utilizing Arm TrustZone to allow multiple edge applications to share DPI information and other metadata. The talk will discuss the software and SoC aspects of creating an Arm-based uCPE solution. It will compare approaches by NXP/Marvell/Cavium and discuss performance figures. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Raanan Tzemach Telco Systems Optimizing Hardware/Software Development for Arm-based Embedded Designs Bill Neifert, Arm; Frank Schirrmeister, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.; Jason Andrews, Arm show more Description Software is crucial to enable designs for the IoT edge node through hubs to networks and servers, and networks for mobile, server, automotive, and consumer applications. We will introduce and evaluate techniques for mixed-fidelity execution of Arm-based designs, utilizing models at different abstractions – transaction-level (TLM) and register-transfer level (RTL). These models can be used in simulation, emulation, and FPGA-based prototyping and enable embedded software development, early integration of hardware, and software, IP selection, and performance optimization. We will compare different software-enablement techniques for bring up, test and debug and efficient hardware/software analysis. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Bill Neifert Arm Frank Schirrmeister Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Jason Andrews Arm Optimizing IoT SoC Design Around ARM PSA Abdelouahid Zakriti, Sondrel Ltd. show more Description IoT SoC design complexity has increased (high security requirements, multi-core, embedded connectivity, mixed-signal, etc.). Arm PSA helps significantly to cluster the design around a secure extendable subsystem. But there is still a level of complexity, especially for verification and coverage achievement. This white paper is a case study on how to optimize IoT SoC design around Arm SSE-200, keeping high focus on security. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Abdelouahid Zakriti Sondrel Ltd. Optimizing System Performance and Power in New MCU Architectures Gideon Intrater, Adesto Technologies show more Description Embedded flash has been a mainstay of Arm microcontrollers, but now MCU vendors are considering new memory architectures to meet performance/power requirements of emerging intelligent IoT edge devices. For example, the flashless NXP i.MX RT1050 and ST’s STM32L4+ can use external flash for eXecute-in-Place (XiP) operation. An external memory with XiP capability can help designers create IoT devices with advanced capabilities and long battery life. We’ll share results of our extensive benchmarking of power/performance of various memory architectures on the i.MX RT1050 and the STM32L4 to provide system designers with insight into choosing the right memory architecture for their application. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Gideon Intrater Adesto Technologies Performance of Quantum-safe Cryptography in Arm Devices Reza Azarderakhsh, PQSecure Technologies, LLC and Florida Atlantic University show more Description Advances in the realization of quantum computers are a real threat to our security and privacy. There is ongoing research on making our computers and connected devices secure against quantum computers called post-quantum cryptography. In this talk, we will explain available solutions and present our research findings on the highly-optimized software libraries for post-quantum cryptography, based on Supersingular Isogeny Key Encapsulation (SIKE) protocol on Armv8 processors. SIKE is one of the candidates submitted for standardization and, due to its smallest key requirements, is more suitable for embedded devices. We demonstrate the performance results in an Arm-based smartphone. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Reza Azarderakhsh PQSecure Technologies, LLC and Florida Atlantic University Platform Security Architecture: One Year On Rob Coombs, Arm show more Description Last year, at Arm TechCon, we introduced the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA), which is designed to provide a framework to reduce the complexity of building secure IoT devices. In 2018, so far, we have published editable IoT threat models, started an open source software project and published the first architecture documents. This presentation will first cover the basics of PSA, what we’ve achieved in the first 12 months, and then new work on APIs and compliance. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Rob Coombs Arm Post-K: The Next Generation Arm-based Japanese Flagship Supercomputer Satoshi Matsuoka, Riken Center for Computational Science show more Description Post-K is the next generation Japanese flagship supercomputer, to be built around 2020, being jointly developed by Riken and Fujitsu. The processor is a many-core Arm v8 processor that Fujitsu developed on its own, facilitating 512-bit SVE (Scalable Vector Extension) instructions with support for both HPC and AI, ultra-fast on package memory, very low-power, and embedded high-performance Tofu network that will scale to 100,000 nodes. The projected performance of the processor for HPC workloads supersedes the high-end Xeons by several factors, as well as exhibiting GPU-like performance on AI workloads. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Satoshi Matsuoka Riken Center for Computational Science Power Management in Arm-based Embedded Systems Colin Walls, Mentor show more Description Power management in today’s embedded designs has been steadily growing as an increasing number of battery powered devices are developed. Often power optimizations are left to the very end of the project cycle. We will discuss design considerations that should be made when starting a new power-sensitive, embedded design. This will include choosing the hardware with desired capabilities; defining a hardware architecture that will allow software to dynamically control power consumption; defining appropriate power usage profiles; making the appropriate choice of an operating system and drivers; choosing measurable power goals to the software development team to track throughout the development process. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Colin Walls Mentor Practical Challenges and Proposed Solutions for Implementing Embedded AI on Arm Cortex A/M Devices Ganesh Balamitran, Renesas Electronics America Inc. show more Description With the rapid growth in AI and machine vision, the industry’s focus is quickly turning to deploying neural networks for inference on end-point devices, like Arm Cortex A microprocessors (MPUs) and even Cortex M MPUs. In this session, we will share our learnings on the challenges of using 1) various implementations of popular networks on full frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe, as well as 2) customized/optimized code better suited for embedded MPUs. We will also explore some of the new tool approaches and new tools that are addressing these challenges. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Ganesh Balamitran Renesas Electronics America Inc. Pre-packaged IOT Solutions Kevin Bromber, myDevices Inc. show more Description In this track we will demonstrate a complete end-to-end IOT solution which combines gateways from several hardware manufacturers, a variety of industrial sensors, Arm mbed Cloud device management software, LoRaWAN Network server, and the IOT in a Box application software from myDevices. The presentation will be a combination of slides to explain the architecture of the platform, followed by a live demonstration of a real IOT solution being deployed in minutes in front of the audience. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Kevin Bromber myDevices Inc. Preserving Proprietary Innovation in an Open Source World Mark Orvek, Linaro show more Description Uniquely in the Arm ecosystem, there is the collision of two worlds: the well-established embedded world of often bespoke platforms, stacks, and tools, and the arriving world of open-source software frameworks, often originating on commodity hardware. This session looks at this collision and asks if this meeting of open source and proprietary innovation has to be a zero-sum game. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Mark Orvek Linaro PSA in Practice - Developing with Trustonic on M23 Richard Hayton, Trustonic show more Description Arm’s Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33, with their Platform Security Architecture, provide the underpinnings for secure IoT. This talk shows how secure devices can be built in practice by leveraging commercial silicon that has been preprovisioned with Trustonic’s secure Kinibi-M micro-TEE and device identity. The talk covers: • Development of a trusted module, with a “hello world” worked example • Debugging and testing of the trusted module on a test board • Deployment steps for a commercial device where debug access is naturally restricted We will also cover some of the key benefits for device makers focusing on IP protection/fraud prevention. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Richard Hayton Trustonic Rise of Accelerated Edge Compute to Service 1 Trillion Connected Devices Jeff Defilippi, Arm show more Description Distributed cloud and network infrastructures, the fundamental building block in our hyper-connected world, rely upon heterogeneous computing to efficiently analyze and service vast amounts of real-time data at its source with standard virtualization and container software stacks. This talk will discuss the evolution of smart acceleration solutions, emerging system requirements, and detail how Arm processors, system IP, custom accelerators, and architectures, such as AMBA, PCIe, and CCIX, can be combined to customize accelerated compute solutions for hyperscale performance at the power constrained edge. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jeff Defilippi Arm Running Microcontrollers in the Browser Jan Jongboom, Arm show more Description Embedded development seems stuck in the 1990s. Compiling and flashing a new application can take minutes, stepping through code requires an external debugging probe, and many tools are only available on Windows. What if we would be able to run a Cortex-M microcontroller straight in the browser? Development times would be much faster, simulation would be instant, and debugging would go through the normal browser development tools – all while still writing normal C code. Sounds insane?! The Mbed simulator makes it possible by cross-compiling Mbed OS to WebAssembly, offering peripheral simulation, networking interfaces, and even LPWAN radio support. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jan Jongboom Arm Securing the Connected Car Eystein Stenberg, show more Description Using recent real-world examples, Eystein Stenberg, CTO at, will discuss the opportunity of connected cars and walk the audience through the following: • Key opportunities OEMs have for connected vehicles, as demonstrated by Tesla’s ability to provide over-the-air (OTA) software updates • The anatomy of the Jeep Cherokee hack: the technical details of how the Jeep Cherokee was hacked and steps you can take to reduce your attack surface • Best practices on delivering over-the-air software updates with failover management Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Eystein Stenberg Securing the IoT with Arm TrustZone for the Cortex-M Jacob Beningo, Beningo Embedded Group show more Description Securing embedded systems has become a critical task for developers. It is nearly impossible to turn on the news and not hear about yet another major security breach. In this session, attendees will become familiar with the design methodologies necessary to secure their embedded systems using the new Arm TrustZone for Cortex-M processors. We will examine important concepts, such as secure and non-secure domains, setting up a TrustZone RTOS, and debugging a secure application. This session will provide a hands-on demonstration, using Nuvoton’s M2351. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jacob Beningo Beningo Embedded Group Sensor to Cloud on Arm with Open Source Software Alan Bennett, show more Description At Open Source Foundries, we have researched and identified the best software projects in open source for building a connected IoT platform. With these projects and Arm-based devices, we have built an entire end-to-end (device to cloud) system that is secure, minimal, and updatable. From the RTOS (Cortex-M) running on a sensor through a Linux-based IoT gateway (Cortex-M) and into the cloud, the system runs open source software on Arm with no vendor lock-in. In this session, we’ll introduce you to every component so that you can replicate and build secure, connected Arm-based products. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Alan Bennett Smart & Sustainable Cities: The Future of Urban Living Dr. Ayesha Khanna, ADDO AI show more Description By 2030, 70 percent of humanity will live in cities, the world’s capital and talent hubs. New technologies such as the Internet of Things and Big Data are being widely deployed in cities new and old, to improve infrastructure and quality of life, and to promote entrepreneurial matchmaking. As a leading expert and advisor on smart cities, Ayesha Khanna will tour today’s most innovative urban hubs and explain how successful future cities will leverage new technologies in ways that make urban life more efficient, sustainable, livable, and productive. Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Dr. Ayesha Khanna ADDO AI Solutions For a Transforming World Rene Haas, Arm show more Description Over the next 10 years, global computing power will increase 50x, driven by the move to edge computing, machine learning and the massive transformation from 5G. This rapid increase in computing comes with an incredible increase in complexity. Future applications of compute require more than just raw processing ability as they meet new demands for power and specialized capability. Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Rene Haas Arm Specifying and Certifying Hardware Suitable for Secure, Arm-based IoT Applications David Alexander, PA Consulting; Haydn Povey, Secure Thingz show more Description While the Platform Security Architecture from Arm is helpful in providing a framework to drive security within the system, numerous other requirements should be met to deliver a secure application. In fact, every decision in the development, deployment, and delivery of a project may have unforeseen consequences during a product’s life cycle. This presentation will discuss the features and functions of devices that are required to implement a secure application, including the need to generate, store, and maintain cryptographic keys; the level of entropy required on a device; the physical robustness guarding secrets; and secure operations and network operations centers. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers David Alexander PA Consulting Haydn Povey Secure Thingz Speed Up Your AI Designs with Dedicated Arm Machine Learning Hardware Ian Forsyth, Arm show more Description Discover the features and benefits of Arm’s Project Trillium's hardware processors: Machine Learning (ML) and Object Detection (OD) processors, their software support, and applicability for different markets and the options for incorporating them in differentiating SoC designs. This talk will describe our strategy and plans for the highly scalable, ground-up designed ML architecture, the markets it will target, and future product iterations. It will also include a comparison with other Arm solutions, enabling you to choose the best software and hardware combination to address your specific needs.   Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Ian Forsyth Arm SW-based, Run-time Diagnostic Tests to Minimize System-level Effort Kauser Johar, Arm; Mukesh Lahori, Arm Ltd show more Description In the automotive world, functional safety is an essential requirement and one of the key issues that is increasingly gaining attention. With ever-growing complexity and size of the SoC and MCUs, the risk from systematic and random hardware failures has increased. To achieve an acceptable level of safety in the vehicle, various safety mechanisms are implemented at different levels, starting from cores and other IPs. This presentation is about detection of random permanent faults in a typical Arm CPU to enable achievement of ASIL B DC metrics at SoC and MCU levels. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Kauser Johar Arm Mukesh Lahori Arm Ltd The Impossibility of Artificial Human Intelligence Dr. Rand Hindi show more Description Rand Hindi, well-known international AI expert ​​(artificial intelligence), draws a portrait of our lives and future with AI. He explains and proves why AI will never completely replace humans, but on the contrary will enhance human ability. Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Dr. Rand Hindi The latest high-performance CPU for laptop-class performance LIONEL BELNET, Arm show more Description The newest high-performance Cortex-A76 CPU from Arm brings laptop-class performance within the smartphone power envelope, enabling even longer battery life, increasing productivity and bringing more compute intelligence to the edge. This talk will explore the applicability of this performance for premium devices ranging from small screens to large. Come take a technical deep-dive to learn more about Cortex-A76 and how it redefines the mobile experience. Session Type Sponsored Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers LIONEL BELNET Arm There Is No One-Size-Fits-All in Machine Learning at the Edge Jim McGregor, TIRIAS Research show more Description Many silicon and system architectures are emerging for edge computing. These solutions vary from using standard logic solutions to dedicated neural processing units (NPUs) and in-memory processing units. While all will work as inference engines, there are tradeoffs between performance, power consumption, manufacturing complexity, cost, and form factor size. The choice is also dependent upon the machine learning task(s) to be performed. As a result, the software model has a significant impact on the choice of machine learning solution. This presentation will discuss the different approaches and the most appropriate use by application and system requirements. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jim McGregor TIRIAS Research Unblocking Common Bottlenecks in Automotive SoC Verification Marija Ugarak, HDL Design House; Pete Lewin, Arm show more Description This talk will demonstrate the verification strategy for some of the most typical automotive components, derived from an actual SoC based on a Cortex-M0 platform. We’ll identify the most common bottlenecks of such a verification process and provide extensive information on how to avoid them. Attendees will learn how to reduce the amount of engineering hours invested in planning, implementation, and verification. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Marija Ugarak HDL Design House Pete Lewin Arm Using the Arm Cortex-M Memory Protection Unit (MPU) with an RTOS Jean J Labrosse, Silicon Labs show more Description A Memory Protection Unit is hardware that limits the access to memory and peripheral devices to only the code that needs to access those resources. An MPU allows an application developer to create more robust, safe and secure applications. The application can be organized by processes, each having access to its own memory and peripheral space. I will show how an MPU, as found in the Cortex-M (v7M and v8M), can interact with an RTOS and what recourses an RTOS has when a memory or I/O access violation is detected. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jean J Labrosse Silicon Labs Using Virtual Prototyping for Accurate Performance Analysis – an SSD Controller Case-Study Malte Doerper, Synopsys; Tim Kogel, Synopsys; Jason Andrews, Arm; Eric Sondhi, Arm show more Description Optimizing the performance for a complex application is a phase-coupled problem: the HW architecture needs to be optimized for SW application, and the SW needs to be optimized for HW. Virtual prototyping enables the early and joint consideration of HW and SW, across multiple teams and companies, and even before RTL of all components becomes available. This in-depth technical presentation will show the complete flow, including the creation of an accurate virtual prototype as well as the usage for SW bring-up and joint HW/SW performance optimization. The flow will be illustrated by a demonstration of a real-live SSD controller SoC. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Malte Doerper Synopsys Tim Kogel Synopsys Jason Andrews Arm Eric Sondhi Arm Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Optimized for Heterogeneous Multicore Systems Lorenzo Dal Col, Virtual Arts show more Description Virtual reality and augmented reality experiences require very high resolution, frame rate, and smoothness, and represent the most demanding applications run on a mobile device today. Modern phones have capable hardware, many times containing eight or more CPU cores and up to 18 GPU cores, but writing code that works well in this environment can be challenging. This presentation will show real-world examples of innovative techniques and tools for writing software which uses all the CPU and GPU cores, while maximizing energy efficiency. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Lorenzo Dal Col Virtual Arts What's Next? Mike Muller, Arm show more Description Is Moore’s law dead, is it safe to connect your toaster to your home network? These are some of the uncomfortable questions Arm CTO and co-founder Mike Muller will assess as he discusses recent trends involving the good and bad uses of new data. What will a world built on zettabytes of real-time personal, business and infrastructure information really look like? And how do we take the lessons from a partially-connected web world and translate them into a fully connected IoT world that is robust on security and data privacy. Session Type Keynote Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Mike Muller Arm Who’s Driving? The Responsibilities That Come with Providing Physical IP to the Automotive Market Jim Dodrill, Arm show more Description As we anticipate the rise of autonomous driving using Arm processors and physical IP, we must be keenly aware of the importance of assuring the reliability of Arm products. The safety of many people and the reputations of Arm and our partners are at stake. This presentation will illuminate the connections from transistor physics, through Arm physical IP, to our responsibility for passenger safety. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Jim Dodrill Arm Why Arm for Secure IoT Andrew Frame, Arm show more Description For the  IoT market to grow and scale, the ecosystem needs to have confidence that the connected devices they are deploying are designed and built with security in mind. The IoT value chain needs to consider the full spectrum of security considerations, throughout the lifecycle of a device, from security analysis and threat mitigation, through to provisioning and updates. This presentation will review the market challenges and describe how Platform Security Architecture rallies the ecosystem to addresses them. We will show how the combination of Arm services and secure IoT frameworks can ensure the success of evolving IoT business models. Session Type Arm TechCon Theater Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Andrew Frame Arm Why the Future of IOT Is Blockchain Integrated Sajjad Daya, show more Description In this session we will look at blockchain technology and how it complements the IOT movement, helps fulfill IOT’s mission, and augments its power and capabilities. We will build an Arm mbed IOT live device on stage with simple building blocks, integrate it with a revolutionary blockchain network, and demonstrate a powerful use case – all CODELESSLY. Join us for this fun and interactive session. Session Type Conference Session Pass Type All-Access Pass Speakers Sajjad Daya Working together to secure the Internet of Things Andrew Frame, Arm show more Description Securing the Internet of Things is not something that one company or entity can achieve on their own. This panel will discuss how collaboration is required across the whole ecosystem to truly secure devices. The panel will discuss some key collaboration elements including: the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA), the creation of firmware and software that adheres to PSA principles, plus the need for accessible and utilizable APIs and professional tools. The panel will represent many areas of the IoT ecosystem including: microcontroller manufacturers, development tools, real-time operating systems, security software solutions and cloud service providers. Session Type Sponsored Session Pass Type All-Access Pass,Arm Mbed Connect Pass,Expo Floor Pass Speakers Andrew Frame Arm
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