Millind Mittal

Senior Director FPGA Architect, CCIX TSG Chair


Mr. Mittal has 20+ years of technical and business leadership experience in the semiconductor industry. He led and participated in multiple instruction set architecture definition initiatives for Intel processors: e.g., Load/Store architecture, multi-processing support, interrupt architecture, branch architecture, multimedia processing, and computer security. He founded start-ups in the areas of networking and storage.

At Xilinx, as part of FPGA Architecture Group, he focuses on data center technologies. He formulated initial direction for a standardized Cache Coherent Interconnect between the hosts and accelerators (CCIX) and has worked as one of the lead architects of the consortium since its inception. He is also the chief architect for implementation of CCIX capability in Xilinx FPGAs and solutions development, showcasing benefits of CCIX for data center applications.

Mr. Mittal is the recipient of more than 100 patents.

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