Practical Development of Safe, Secure, Reliable Embedded Software - Sponsored By AdaCore

  • Patrick Rogers, AdaCore

Everybody knows software is buggy, and everybody knows it is too expensive. Everybody knows that software is increasingly in a position to adversely affect lives and property, from voting machines to medical implants to the cars we drive (and drive us). But buggy code is not inevitable. Reliable high-integrity code need not be prohibitively expensive. We need to revise our expectations before somebody gets hurt. There are many reasons for the current state of affairs, including management issues, but inadequate technology is a root cause. This session will present SPARK 2014, a programming language and tool suite based on static analysis that makes production of reliable embedded software practical. Using this technology, you can formally prove the properties of your code, using your existing team, and without breaking the bank. We will present existing, real-world examples of the use of the technology, including applications currently running on Arm platforms. At the end of the presentation attendees will have an idea of just how much better things could be and how to get more information.

  • Date:Wednesday, October 17
  • Time:12:45 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Location:Arm TechCon Theater
  • Session Type:Arm TechCon Theater Session
  • Room:Arm TechCon Theater
  • Pass Type:All-Access Pass, Expo Floor Pass
Patrick Rogers