Specifying and Certifying Hardware Suitable for Secure, Arm-based IoT Applications

  • David Alexander, PA Consulting,
  • Haydn Povey, Secure Thingz

While the Platform Security Architecture from Arm is helpful in providing a framework to drive security within the system, numerous other requirements should be met to deliver a secure application. In fact, every decision in the development, deployment, and delivery of a project may have unforeseen consequences during a product’s life cycle. This presentation will discuss the features and functions of devices that are required to implement a secure application, including the need to generate, store, and maintain cryptographic keys; the level of entropy required on a device; the physical robustness guarding secrets; and secure operations and network operations centers.

  • Date:Thursday, October 18
  • Time:9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
  • Location:Executive Ballroom 210F
  • Session Type:Conference Session
  • Room:Executive Ballroom 210F
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