Speed Up Your AI Designs with Dedicated Arm Machine Learning Hardware

  • Ian Forsyth, Arm

Discover the features and benefits of Arm’s Project Trillium's hardware processors: Machine Learning (ML) and Object Detection (OD) processors, their software support, and applicability for different markets and the options for incorporating them in differentiating SoC designs.

This talk will describe our strategy and plans for the highly scalable, ground-up designed ML architecture, the markets it will target, and future product iterations. It will also include a comparison with other Arm solutions, enabling you to choose the best software and hardware combination to address your specific needs.  

  • Date:Wednesday, October 17
  • Time:3:30 PM - 4:20 PM
  • Location:Executive Ballroom 210E
  • Session Type:Conference Session
  • Room:Executive Ballroom 210E
  • Pass Type:All-Access Pass
  • Secondary Track:System Design Methodology