Advances in AR and VR with Arm based Technologies - Sponsored By Arm

  • Sylwester Bala, Arm

Recent advances in AR and VR have led to some exciting developments in use cases and applications based on Arm technology. In particular Augmented Reality enables a wide range of new use cases and new businesses opportunities in the mobile segment. In this session you will learn about the key Arm based technologies and solutions for Augmented Reality using SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) as a case study. SLAM is the basis for use cases that range from tracking camera pose in mobile AR and VR to more complex high-level understanding of the real world seen through a camera. It is in the heart of AR headsets, AR smartphones and solutions for self-driving cars, unmanned drones, planetary rovers and a lot more other use cases. You will learn about the importance and challenges associated with the technology on current and future platforms. An insight on the system pipeline and what to take into consideration while building AR and VR solutions to achieve best in class end user experience.

  • Date:Thursday, October 18
  • Time:3:30 PM - 4:20 PM
  • Location:Meeting Room 211A/C
  • Session Type:Sponsored Session
  • Room:Meeting Room 211A/C
  • Pass Type:All-Access Pass, Expo Floor Pass